Wolfgang A. Miesbach, MD, PhD

Wolfgang A. Miesbach, MD, PhD
Goethe University Hospital
Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Wolfgang A. Miesbach, MD, PhD, is Professor of Medicine at Frankfurt University Hospital and heads the Department of Haemostaseology, the Haemophilia Center of Medical Clinic, and the Institute of Transfusion Medicine. He is a member of national and international scientific societies and has authored or co-authored a large number of peer-reviewed publications, review articles or book chapters. Dr. Wolfgang’s research focuses on quality of life studies, rare coagulation disorders, elderly patients with haemophilia and von Willebrand disease, and new treatments, e.g. gene therapy.


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Supported by educational grants from Bayer, BioMarin, CSL Behring, Freeline Therapeutics Limited, Pfizer Inc., Spark Therapeutics, and uniQure, Inc.

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