Highlights from the NHF 15th Workshop on Novel Technologies and Gene Transfer for Hemophilia

Presented by: David Lillicrap, MD and Glenn F. Pierce, MD, PhD
September 13-14, 2019 • Washington, DC


Conference Coverage from ISTH 2019 in Melbourne

Conference Coverage from ISTH 2019 in Melbourne, featuring expert interviews on the latest advances in Gene Therapy.


Conference Coverage – ISTH 2019 in Melbourne

The ALTA Study: SB-525 Gene Therapy in Adults with Hemophilia A
Prevalence of Preexisting AAV Antibodies and Implications for Gene Therapy in Hemophilia
Results of the AMT-060 and AMT-061 Gene Therapy Trials in Patients with Hemophilia B
Initial Results of the Phase 1/2 Alta Study: SB-525 Gene Therapy in Adults with Hemophilia A
One Year Follow-up of Patients with Hemophilia B Following SPK-9001 Gene Transfer
AMT-061 Gene Transfer in Adults with Hemophilia B: Early Results of a Phase 2b Trial
Current Status of Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
FLT180a: Next Generation AAV Vector for Hemophilia B
Stable Expression of FIX: Updated Results of the AMT-060 Gene Therapy Trial in Patients with Hemophilia B.
Lentiviral Vector-based Factor VIII and Factor IX Gene Therapy in Non-human Primates
Valoctocogene Roxaparvovec AAV Gene Therapy for Patients with Hemophilia A: New Results
Looking Ahead at Gene Therapy for Hemophilia