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A History of Hemophilia Treatment: Non-replacement Therapy to Gene Therapy

Presented by Steven W. Pipe, MD

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A History of Hemophilia Treatment: Factor Replacement to Gene Therapy

Presented by Flora Peyvandi, MD, PhD

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Gene Therapy for Treatment of Hemophilia: Other Strategies and Targets

Presented by Glenn F. Pierce, MD, PhD

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Getting to Know Gene Therapy: Terminology and Concepts

Presented by David Lillicrap, MD

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Live from ISTH 2019 in Melbourne

Conference Coverage from ISTH 2019 in Melbourne, featuring expert interviews on the latest advances in Gene Therapy.


The ALTA Study: SB-525 Gene Therapy in Adults with Hemophilia A
Prevalence of Preexisting AAV Antibodies and Implications for Gene Therapy in Hemophilia
Results of the AMT-060 and AMT-061 Gene Therapy Trials in Patients with Hemophilia B
Initial Results of the Phase 1/2 Alta Study: SB-525 Gene Therapy in Adults with Hemophilia A
One Year Follow-up of Patients with Hemophilia B Following SPK-9001 Gene Transfer
AMT-061 Gene Transfer in Adults with Hemophilia B: Early Results of a Phase 2b Trial
Current Status of Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
FLT180a: Next Generation AAV Vector for Hemophilia B
Stable Expression of FIX: Updated Results of the AMT-060 Gene Therapy Trial in Patients with Hemophilia B.
Lentiviral Vector-based Factor VIII and Factor IX Gene Therapy in Non-human Primates
Valoctocogene Roxaparvovec AAV Gene Therapy for Patients with Hemophilia A: New Results
Looking Ahead at Gene Therapy for Hemophilia

Baseline Survey Poster

In early 2019, ISTH organized a group of world-renowned experts from the global hemophilia community to develop a survey to identify unmet educational needs specific to gene therapy in hemophilia. The survey was distributed online to an international audience. The results demonstrated that many need more education on the fundamentals of gene therapy and a better understanding of gene therapy as a treatment approach for hemophilia A
and B.

Poster Presentation
Sunday, July 7 • 18:30 – 19:30
Abstract/Poster #: PB1724

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Educational Roadmap

ISTH's Educational Roadmap–Guiding Education for the Future
Preparing You to Answer These Critical Questions

Announcement of Educational Roadmap

Presented by Flora Peyvandi, MD, PhD and K. John Pasi, MChB, PhD
on July 7 in Product Theater D, 12:15–13:00

LIVE from Orlando, 61st ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition
Coming December 2019

Featuring congress highlights and expert interviews